It was a nightmare—so why are there parts of it I actually miss?
And so are you, and so is everyone you know and love. Hooray!
With the pandemic winding down, life feels...odd.
What it feels like to re-emerge, from depression or pandemic or both.
It has something to do with late-stage capitalism, wormholes, and possibly you, if you've been to my house. Help. 
Can we get back to good old non-video conference calls? Please?
My (illustrated) thriller about the 1980s kidnapping epidemic. And sharks.
People keep talking about things being sort of normal this summer—and it's hurting my brain.
Misadventures from my first and last job in retail, featuring Colonial Candles, Crane's Paper and WASPs galore (in addition to me).
Beloved shoes, tops, boots, dresses....I miss you. Wait for me?
Dry January during our nation's darkest hour? Turns out it can be done. Here's why I'm doing it, and how it's going so far.