There's a big change coming, and I'm not looking forward to it.
Can I get past perpetually looking toward to the next thing? Does it matter?
Frequently Asked Questions about the publication process. Plus: Thawing Russian serfs and Jersey barriers. Huzzah!
For years, I've been keeping hundreds of old snapshots in storage. Enough is enough.
It started last year, and I don't think I can shake it.
It was a nightmare—so why are there parts of it I actually miss?
And so are you, and so is everyone you know and love. Hooray!
With the pandemic winding down, life feels...odd.
What it feels like to re-emerge, from depression or pandemic or both.
It has something to do with late-stage capitalism, wormholes, and possibly you, if you've been to my house. Help. 
Can we get back to good old non-video conference calls? Please?