About Jane’s Calamity

Hi. My name is Jane Roper and I write about being fortysomething, sweating through my pajamas every night, being a parent to twin teenagers (but not really the teenagers themselves or they’d KILL ME), being married, being a writer, advertising, failing at things, and whatever else pops into my small head.

I’m the author of a couple of books, a bunch of personal essays and some crappy short stories. For 16+ years I blogged—first on my own, then for Babble.com (RIP) and then on my own again. Now I am embracing the disruptive and transformative paradigm (as I might be forced to write in my advertising/marketing day job, feeling dirty inside) of the “Email Newsletter.”

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Maybe you’ll occasionally laugh or feel less alone. Maybe I will become rich and famous, but probably not. It’s all good. I just love writing this stuff—and having you read it. So, thank you.

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